Science and Engineering of Polymeric Materials

18-21 March 2018, Concorde Green Park Palace, Port El Kantaoui - Sousse, Tunisia

SEPM 2018





Accommodation & Venue

The conference will be held at Concorde Green Park Palace situated in Port El Kantaoui - Sousse area in the Center eastern part of Tunisia. Welcoming participants, distribution of documents and check in will start on Sunday 18 March 2018 from 15.00, (for latecomers on the Monday 19 March 2018 after first lectures. Check out will be on Wednesday 21 March 2018 after lunch.

Port El Kantaoui, Sousse in some words

A seaside tourism hub in Tunisia, the Port El Kantaoui region is famous for the beauty of its white and fine sandy beaches, its pleasing architecture, balmy climate and the quality of its touristic infrastructure.

Port El Kantaoui has one of the best known marinas in the Mediterranean. A charming pleasure port, with its typical Moorish architecture and hustle and bustle along its quays, it constitutes an attractive touristic pole where good living and relaxation are the predominating features. It is located in the centre of the coastal touristic area of Sousse with its numerous hotel and structures dedicated to entertainment and leisure activities of the holidaymakers.

At a distance of 12 km from this marina is the town of Sousse, a famous seaside resort of the Tunisian Sahel. It was founded during the Phoenician era and was known as “Hadrumetum”. It then became an important town of the Roman province and then of the Aghlabid dynasty. This port town, today known as the « Pearl of the Sahel » is inviting you to visit its museums and various historical sites. Its medina and its typical alleys which display its ancestral architecture, colours and local handicrafts, have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The whole Sahel region, between the littoral and inland, yields a large portion of Tunisian heritage treasures throughout its history, with remarkable archeological sites such as Lamta or El Djem and its famous coliseum which hosts an international festival of classical music in summer.

Courtesy from Concorde Green Park Hotel's website


Some pictures from the Concorde Green Park Palace

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SEPM 2018

Science and Engineering of Polymeric Materials

18-21 Mars 2018 - Concorde Green Park Palace, Port El Kantaoui - Sousse, Tunisia

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